Stone Ridge Holdings Group Welcomes Ted Mathas, Former New York Life Chairman and CEO, as Senior Advisor

Ted Mathas Joins Stone Ridge Holdings Group to Scale Innovative Financial Products

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Key Takeaways:

  • Stone Ridge Holdings Group (“Stone Ridge”) has announced the appointment of Ted Mathas, former Chairman and CEO of New York Life, as Senior Advisor.
  • Mathas will utilize his exceptional leadership skills and product development expertise to help Stone Ridge expand its suite of innovative products designed for financial advisors and insurance companies.
  • In addition to providing mentorship and guidance to Stone Ridge’s executives and operating subsidiaries, Mathas will also support the development of new asset management strategies aimed at addressing investment risk, inflation risk, and longer lifespans to deliver higher, inflation-protected, and credit-risk-free payouts.
  • Mathas will serve as the Advisory Chairman for this initiative, championing Stone Ridge’s mission to empower financial advisors and transform retirement planning in America.

An Accomplished Leader and Partner

Ted Mathas, the former CEO of New York Life, has joined Stone Ridge Holdings Group as Senior Advisor. Mathas brings over 14 years of experience as CEO of New York Life, successfully steering the organization through the challenges of the Great Recession and Global Pandemic. During his tenure, New York Life’s assets under management grew to $760 billion, and the company became a prominent provider of retail life insurance and annuities in the United States. Throughout the past decade, Mathas has developed a close relationship with Stone Ridge, serving as an investor and board member.

With a focus on addressing investment risk, inflation risk, and longer lifespans, Mathas will guide Stone Ridge in developing and launching new asset management strategies. These strategies will incorporate longevity pooling, a groundbreaking approach that offers significantly higher, inflation-protected, and credit-risk-free payouts compared to traditional fixed income investments. As the Advisory Chairman of this initiative, Mathas will work towards Stone Ridge’s mission of revolutionizing retirement solutions for financial advisors, empowering them to enhance their clients’ ability to pursue their retirement goals.

Expressing his excitement about this new role, Mathas stated, “I am fortunate to be in a position where I can retire from a full-time role and company I love, but not stop working on things I care deeply about with people who share my values and passion. I’m especially excited to help develop and distribute Stone Ridge’s breakthrough innovation of embedding longevity pooling inside asset management strategies.”

Aligned Values and Mission

Ross Stevens, Founder and CEO of Stone Ridge, expressed his admiration for Mathas’s leadership and product expertise, emphasizing their shared values and mission. Stevens looks forward to the partnership with Mathas, as he believes it will enable the entire executive team to enhance their leadership skills and support the thriving of Stone Ridge’s operating companies.

About Stone Ridge Holdings Group

Stone Ridge Holdings Group, founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York, operates through various subsidiaries focusing on alternative asset management, reinsurance, and bitcoin.

  • Stone Ridge Asset Management specializes in alternative asset management, offering investment strategies in catastrophe reinsurance, cyber reinsurance, longevity insurance, market insurance, real estate, energy, alternative lending, drug royalties, and art. These strategies are delivered through ’40 Act funds and private securitizations.
  • Longtail Re primarily focuses on casualty reinsurance and alternative investments.
  • NYDIG focuses on providing bitcoin solutions for institutions, including execution, custody, financing, and mining.

For more information about Stone Ridge Holdings Group, please visit their website at

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