Lucata Names Chris Rice as CEO to Lead Company into Next Phase of Growth

Lucata, provider of next generation computing systems for high performance, massively scalable processing of graph analytics, today announced new additions to its C-suite.

Chris Rice joined Lucata as Chief Executive Officer to lead the company into its next phase of growth. Chris’s career and experience have demonstrated his understanding of the need for innovative, next-generation solutions. He most recently served as CEO of STL Access Solutions, where he scaled the team and business, leading innovation to realize the full potential of broadband fiber and 5G within telecom. Previously, Chris spent 25 years at AT&T where he led the research, development, and operations of the entire wireline network and managed a multi-billion-dollar budget in oversight.

Bob Bishop, former Chairman & CEO of Silicon Graphics, Inc., said, “Chris Rice is a brilliant leader and will drive Lucata’s technology revolution in real-time predictive analytics to further its visibility and industry-wide adoption in the fast-emerging AI supercomputing and graph analysis space.”

“Chris will help shape the future of Lucata and its customers as AI expands its influence into additional industries,” said John Donovan, CEO of Qudit Investments. “I look forward to seeing how he and the leadership team continue Lucata’s growth.”

“I’ve long admired Lucata’s technology and its approach to innovation. I’m happy to lead the world-class Lucata team as it continues expanding its capabilities and exploring the possibilities for the future of AI and machine learning,” said Chris Rice, Lucata CEO.

Chris Rice’s appointment as CEO follows the recent appointments of Lucata executives Saurabh Kulkarni as Chief Product Officer and SVP, Software, and Frank Brown as Chief Financial Officer. Both were announced in December 2022.

About Lucata Pathfinder

The Lucata Pathfinder enables organizations to leverage massive pools of physical memory to accelerate and scale graph analytics and AI and ML model training by orders of magnitude beyond the capabilities of conventional computing approaches. The solution enables high-performance exascale graph analytics, including exhaustive breadth-first search (BFS), on unpruned, unsharded massive graph databases. Lucata can be used with open source or commercial graph software or with custom-written graph solutions that leverage LAGraph, GraphBLAS, or the Lucata library of search algorithms, enabling organizations to use their existing software to uncover much deeper connections within much larger graphs than is possible today. These unique capabilities allow organizations to reimagine the potential of graph analytics, AI and ML and address intractable challenges in fraud detection, cybersecurity, blockchain, risk assessment, healthcare and many other fields.

Written by Shantel

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