Knoema Announces Erik Mitchell of Seek Data as New CEO

Knoema, the premier data platform which makes the world’s data discoverable and actionable, along with its subsidiary Seek Data, the leading Retail and CPG cloud data & analytics consultancy are pleased to announce Erik Mitchell as CEO, effective January 1st, 2023.

Seek Data was acquired by Knoema in July 2022 to transform the last mile of analytics for business users, combining deep industry expertise and industry-leading technology to bring turnkey, verticalized cloud analytics applications to market across industries, starting with Retail & CPG. Throughout the integration of the two organizations, Erik Mitchell has served as Chief Strategy Officer and driven strategy for both the Product and Go-To-Market pillars of the business, setting the combined organization on a path for quick market penetration & scale. After successfully founding Seek Data in 2019 and seeing 19X growth in just over 2 years from founding to acquisition, Erik believes the combined organization has a differentiated and unique market positioning and is excited to see it quickly scale over the next few years.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to lead both Knoema and Seek Data in this next chapter for the combined organization. We have a unique and differentiated product in the analytics market, and I firmly believe we are blazing the trail through the next frontier of cloud analytics. We are excited about providing our customers with a platform that will generate higher and faster ROI from their most important data assets, enabling business users to generate automated insights at scale. We are thrilled to be combining deep industry expertise with industry-leading technology to deliver turnkey verticalized analytics solutions to our clients when they need them most, and are excited about our near-term, go-to-market launches in the coming weeks that are sure to transform the way industries, beginning with Retail/CPG, leverage data today and in the future.” said Erik Mitchell.

Along with Seek Data, Erik will be leading a Knoema organization that is in the midst of triple-digit year-over-year growth under the leadership of it’s CEO, Charles Poliacof. Charles achieved many milestones with the Knoema business and was the architect of the successful Seek Data acquisition, and is looking forward to what the combined businesses will do moving forward under Erik’s leadership.

“When we acquired Seek Data in July, we all saw something in Erik Mitchell that made us feel like he was the future of Seek Data & Knoema.  After 2 acquisitions and a thrilling 3 years at the helm of Knoema, I will be transitioning the CEO role to the very talented and thoughtful Erik Mitchell. With the launch of our new Insights Cloud product, we will be making a significant push into industry verticals such as Retail / CPG, and the organization will benefit tremendously from someone who brings deep subject matter expertise and perspective that only someone with Erik’s unique experience and abilities can bring. Erik brings the best combination of both visionary and execution, and I am looking forward to being Erik’s biggest cheerleader as a shareholder and advisor.” said Charles Poliacof.

“I also want to thank Charles Poliacof for his leadership of Knoema throughout the years, his leadership during the pandemic and other world events did not waiver despite difficult & challenging times, and I express my gratitude to him for sharing my vision of the combined Seek Data/Knoema organization that will transform the last mile of analytics.” said Erik Mitchell.

Knoema and Seek Data, both Eldridge businesses, have created a network of strategic partnerships with some of the largest analytics providers in the industry, including an early investment from Snowflake Ventures.

“This network of investors & partnerships will create an unparalleled and unmatched value network for our customers moving forward, bringing the best data and technology to business users in a new, unique, and seamless way.”

“I am extremely optimistic about our opportunity to transform the way that business users leverage data and analytics today and in the future, and I look forward to our customers experiencing tremendous ROI gains from their most important data & analytics assets, enabling business users to become highly-efficient analytics users and revenue/profit drivers for their organizations,” said Erik Mitchell.

About Knoema

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About Seek Data

At Seek Data, we exist to amplify your two most important assets: Your People + Your Data. We help design, build, support and lead leading-edge analytics organizations across many industries & business functions, helping our clients to deliver data-driven, innovative solutions to their business partners. We focus on the intersection of business knowledge and analytics acumen to drive long-term, sustainable business strategies regardless of the industry. Learn more at

Written by Nizel Pradhan

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