Jun & Lina Liu Foundation, Established by ATIF CEO Mr. Liu Jun, Officially Launches

ATIF CEO Jun Liu’s family charity foundation, Jun & Lina Liu Foundation, has been formally established with a focus on education, environmental protection, healthcare, and cultural fields. The foundation aims to become a trustworthy, participatory, and sustainable non-profit organization. Through its work in education development, environmental protection, healthcare, and public talent cultivation, as well as infrastructure construction, the foundation hopes to raise awareness and encourage individuals to take responsibility and action toward creating a better life.

To implement its projects effectively and make a deep impact, the foundation will initially prioritize the field of education. Education is a century-long endeavor that requires a solid foundation to support human culture and technological advancements. Only by strengthening education and innovation in science and technology can infinite development opportunities be explored. With a focus on positive social benefits, extensive public services, and international operational standards, the foundation will lead by example. Additionally, by leveraging the advantages of the internet, it will create a networked public welfare platform that everyone can participate in, promoting the integration of public welfare volunteer services and professional public welfare projects to drive more people to participate and promote more positive and small changes.

Public welfare is a crucial indicator of social civilization, representing a set of values, moral behaviors, and social causes. It is the product of human self-development and social progress, as well as a manifestation of boundless love beyond individual interests. Mr. Jun Liu has always adhered to the belief that “social responsibility is the primary responsibility of enterprises and even individuals” and has devoted himself to charity and public welfare work across the country. At the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Liu took proactive action and donated urgently needed medical supplies multiple times to aid in the fight against the epidemic.

Currently, Mr. Liu’s family charity foundation relies on family funds as its source of funding. However, as the foundation grows, Mr. Liu hopes to join forces with various parties to develop and promote standardized public welfare projects, advocating for public participation and working together to support public welfare causes and create more value for society.

About ATIF

ATIF Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: ATIF) is a Lake Forest-based business consulting company that specializes in providing professional IPO, M&A advisory, and post-IPO compliance services to small and medium-sized companies seeking to go public on a stock exchange in the United States. The company has a proven track record in successfully delivering comprehensive U.S. IPO consulting services to clients primarily in the United States but also internationally. The mission of ATIF is to provide one-stop, comprehensive consulting services that guide clients through the complex and often challenging process of going public. ATIF recognizes the complexity and challenges associated with the process of going public, and endeavors to simplify it while ensuring optimal outcomes for its clients through its comprehensive consulting services. ATIF has been awarded the “Golden Bauhinia Award”, the highest award in the financial and securities industry in Hong Kong, for “Top 10 Best Listed Companies”.

Written by Shantel

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