Hans Langenhuizen, Head of in3, Recognized as Most Innovative CEO in the Payments Industry

Business Worldwide Magazine Honors Hans Langenhuizen in 2023 CEO Awards

Key Takeaways:

  • Hans Langenhuizen, from Dutch fintech company in3, has been named the “Most Innovative CEO in the payments industry” in the Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards.
  • The awards aim to recognize exceptional business leaders across various industries.
  • in3 focuses on offering a socially responsible Buy Now, Pay Later service, minimizing risks for both consumers and businesses.
  • By providing interest-free payments in three installments, in3 empowers consumers to manage their cash flow more efficiently.
  • A study by Erasmus University Rotterdam reveals that consumers spend an average of 72% more per transaction when given the option to pay in smaller interest-free installments.
  • Hans Langenhuizen’s leadership has contributed to in3’s impressive growth and positive impact on the finance industry.

Introduction: Recognition for Hans Langenhuizen’s Innovations

Hans Langenhuizen, representing Dutch fintech company in3, has been honored as the “Most Innovative CEO in the payments industry” in the prestigious Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards. The awards celebrate outstanding business leaders who have made significant contributions to their respective fields.

in3’s Socially Responsible Approach to Buy Now, Pay Later

As countries worldwide grapple with rising living costs, the option to pay for goods in installments has gained popularity. However, many such services come with risks that can lead consumers into overwhelming debt. In contrast, in3, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, is committed to mitigating risks for customers and businesses through its socially responsible approach to Buy Now, Pay Later.

in3 allows consumers to make interest-free purchases in three installments, empowering them to manage their cash flow more efficiently. The company employs extensive credit and affordability checks to protect financially vulnerable individuals and minimize the risk of debt accumulation.

Unlocking Consumer Spending Potential and Boosting Sales

According to a recent study by Erasmus University Rotterdam, consumers who have the option to pay in interest-free installments spend an average of 72% more per transaction. Partnering with in3, companies like Furnea have witnessed significantly higher conversion rates and a substantial increase in sales of items valued at €300 or more.

Hans Langenhuizen’s Track Record and in3’s Success

Hans Langenhuizen has been a prominent figure in the fintech industry, contributing to its positive transformation throughout his career. With previous roles at renowned companies such as Geodis, Bas Volvo, Atos Origin, Wincor Nixdorf, Aevi, and Ingenico ePayments, Langenhuizen brings extensive expertise and experience to his leadership position at in3. Under his guidance, the company has achieved impressive growth and made a significant impact on the finance industry.

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