GUIDEcx Founder/CEO Peter Ord and Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta to Share Tips on Preparing for Economic Headwinds

On February 23 at 1:30 ET/10:30 PT, Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and GUIDEcx Founder/CEO Peter Ord will be guests on Customer Success Collective’s (CSC) webinar, “How to prepare for economic headwinds and the role of customer onboarding”. Mehta and Ord will share tips on how to navigate softer economic situations and maybe even gain some positive momentum during the year.

Hosted by CSC, the webinar will provide listeners with actionable tips on how to survive this current economic condition by focusing on customer success and establishing a seamless client onboarding process to drive efficiencies in your business. Registration is required. Participants can register here.

Key topics will include the following:

  • Why 2023 is the year to think about efficiency metrics.
  • The importance of gross and net revenue retention.
  • The relationship between customer success and onboarding.

“When faced with economic headwinds, learning how to do more with less is vital,” says Peter Ord. “Maximizing efficiency, especially in onboarding processes, enables teams to push against those headwinds, gain positive momentum and ultimately reap growth and success from their efforts.”

Ord and Mehta will also discuss how to manage the pressure to do more with less during this economic climate and how you might be able to scale during a recession.

“It’s time to change the narrative behind ‘doing more with less.’ It should be about accomplishing more with less effort. That’s why onboarding programs are so critical. When CS teams incorporate digital, tech-supported superpowers, they can streamline the onboarding process so customers get even faster time-to-value,” says Nick Mehta. “And time-to-value means less waste, which gets me fired up!”

As the CEO of Gainsight, Mehta oversees a platform that helps companies of all sizes and industries drive durable growth through customer- and product-led strategies. Gainsight has been ranked by Glassdoor as the #1 Best Place To Work in 2023 and is a five-time Forbes Cloud 100 recipient. Mehta has been named the #2 CEO by the Software Report, has a 99% approval rating on Glassdoor and received the Northern California Award for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Ord has worked to revolutionize the client onboarding and implementation process by creating the most advanced tools for delivering value faster for SaaS clients. GUIDEcx is the top choice for SaaS project managers and client success teams to invite, guide and engage their customers. Ord is driven to help companies create a customer-centric onboarding experience that’s unforgettable and makes the right impression.

The Customer Success Collective is a global community of customer experience advocates and professionals. Their ultimate goal is to collaborate, learn and develop top-notch methods for ensuring seamless customer experiences in industries worldwide. This upcoming webinar with Peter Ord and Nick Mehta is just one of many resources they use to empower customer success teams worldwide. See more CSC resources here.

About GUIDEcx

GUIDEcx® is a client onboarding and project management platform that keeps your clients at the center of every project by providing complete visibility into the work. Guide each step and stay on track with automated tasks, reminders and updates. Engage teams by enabling them to interact with the project in the way they prefer. They can complete tasks, view status, send updates, make notes and more — through the portal, email or mobile app. GUIDEcx® helps you deliver projects faster with fewer issues and accelerate time to value for your customers.

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About Gainsight

Gainsight’s innovative platform helps companies of all sizes and industries drive durable growth through customer-led, product-led, and community-led strategies. It offers a powerful set of customer success, product experience, and community engagement solutions that together enable businesses to scale efficiently, create alignment, and put the customer at the heart of innovation. With Gainsight, it’s never been easier to drive acquisition, increase product adoption, prevent churn, and grow with renewals and expansion. Learn how leading companies such as GE Digital, SAP Concur, and Box use Gainsight at

Written by Shantel

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