Gino Roncelli Takes the Helm as President & CEO of Roncelli, Inc.

Leading Construction Services Firm Announces Executive Leadership Team Changes

Key Takeaways:

  • Roncelli, Inc., one of Michigan’s largest construction services companies with operations in the U.S. and Canada, has named Gino Roncelli as its new president and CEO.
  • Gino Roncelli, the third-generation of the Roncelli family, follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Skip Roncelli, who founded the company, and his father, Gary Roncelli, who has retired as CEO but remains as chairman of the board.
  • The company has also promoted three directors, James Carnacchi, Paul Day, and Jereme Poxson, to vice president roles as part of the transition to the next generation of leadership.

Introduction: A New Era of Leadership at Roncelli, Inc.

Roncelli, Inc., one of Michigan’s leading construction services companies, has announced significant changes to its executive leadership team. Gino Roncelli, a third-generation member of the Roncelli family, has been appointed as the new president and CEO, following the retirement of his father, Gary Roncelli, who led the company for many years.

Gino Roncelli Continues the Family Legacy

Gino Roncelli assumes the role of president and CEO, carrying forward the family legacy established by his grandfather, Skip Roncelli. With a strong background in construction services, Gino Roncelli has previously served as the company’s vice president and general counsel. In his new position, he will be responsible for internal operations, customer service, company performance, and fostering a positive company culture. Gino Roncelli holds a BBA degree in Finance from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and a law degree from Wayne State University Law School.

Promotions within the Executive Leadership Team

As part of a transition to the next generation of leadership, Roncelli, Inc. has promoted three directors to vice president roles. James Carnacchi is now the Vice President of Estimating, Paul Day has been named Vice President of Construction Operations, and Jereme Poxson assumes the position of Vice President of Healthcare. These individuals bring extensive experience and expertise to their new roles and will contribute to the future success of Roncelli, Inc.

Commitment to Building Excellence

Roncelli, Inc. is a construction services firm headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan. With a strong focus on people and building excellence, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry since its inception in 1966. Roncelli, Inc. operates throughout Michigan, the Midwest region, and Canada, delivering construction services in various markets.

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