Equify Health CEO Sylvie Leotin To Keynote American Society of Transplantation 2023 Summit

America’s healthcare system continues to suffer from disparities in care and outcomes – with minority groups disproportionately affected. Equify Health Founder and CEO Sylvie Leotin will offer research-based insights and guidance to improve the patient experience and outcomes as the keynote speaker for the American Society of Transplantation’s (AST) Cutting Edge of Transplantation (CEoT) summit on Feb 24, 2023, in Scottsdale, AZ. Leotin found the impetus for her mission from personal experiences when she fought for but did not always receive high-quality care for her cancer at one of the country’s best hospitals. Her substantial experience as a design innovation expert and strategic consultant, advising venture-backed startup companies, also guided Leotin, who has been recognized as a Genentech healthcare innovation award winner.

“It’s a great honor to keynote this prestigious national medical conference,” said Leotin. “I look forward to sharing my vision for an inclusive, patient-centered healthcare future with leaders and influencers in medicine and the opportunity to help underserved transplant patients.”

Unprecedented Insight on Marginalized Patients

“With her scholarly approach, multidisciplinary innovation expertise, and personal experiences, Dr. Leotin has unprecedented insight into the problems faced by marginalized patients in healthcare,” said Dr. Vineeta Kumar, Chair of AST’s CEoT Planning Committee. “We’re thrilled she will bring this expertise to our transplant community as the keynote speaker for our CEoT23 summit.”

Advancing Health Equity with Genentech Healthcare Innovation Award

Genentech recognized Leotin’s significant promise in advancing health equity by awarding her a $750,000 innovation grant to collaborate with the Emory School of Medicine. The award recognizes the most promising and impactful contributions to advancing health equity. As the Principal Investigator of the grant, which began in January 2021, Leotin conducted in-depth interviews with Black patients with cancer. Her innovative research approach led her to groundbreaking insights into the inextricable link between patient experiences and healthcare disparities. She subsequently leveraged her research to shape the development and implementation of a transformative medical education curriculum.

Before founding Equify Health, Leotin was CEO of Tech Atelier, a strategy consultancy advising innovative startup companies. She has taught innovation workshops at multiple tech companies and distinguished herself as a customer experience luminary. Leotin has worked with such innovation leaders as Oracle, Google, and NASA and was a Visiting Scholar at the Stanford Robotics Laboratory.

About Equify Health

Equify Health, founded in 2021, is an award-winning healthcare innovation firm pioneering patient-centric solutions to advance equity and inclusion in patient care. The company conducts community-based research to illuminate unmet needs, leverages human-centered design to develop disruptive solutions, and delivers transformative provider training to improve patient outcomes. Equify Health’s Founder and CEO, Sylvie Leotin, is a cancer survivor, speaker, scholar, and tech-innovation veteran. She founded Equify Health on the heels of her cancer journey to transform care delivery for marginalized patients disproportionately burdened by poor-quality care.

Written by Shantel

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