Brain Cancer Foundation CEO Announces First-Ever South Pole Trek in the Name of Cancer Research

No challenge is too intimidating for Lance Kawaguchi – not even curing brain cancer. That’s why he has decided to dedicate his life and career to raising money for cancer as a promise to his dying mother who lost her battle with cancer in 2016.

Thus, the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation CEO has announced he will be making the harrowing trek to the South Pole in order to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Kawaguchi will tackle the arduous South Pole trek this December for the first time in the name of cancer, navigating sub-freezing temperatures, hostile terrains and inhospitable conditions. Kawaguchi is calling on donors and sponsors around the world to help raise as much as possible ahead of this historic moment.

“For a selected few a trek to the South Pole is a test of their endurance, for others a milestone of their physical and mental accomplishment, but what if it were more than that?” said Kawaguchi.

Kawaguchi is partnering with charities across the U.S., Australia, the UK and Hong Kong, including the Asian Fund for Cancer Research, the Glioblastoma Research Organization and the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has chosen to work with these charities specifically because they have a female CEO or chairperson on their board, with gender equality, inclusion and diversity being important values for both the charity and Kawaguchi personally.

Kawaguchi and Cure Brain Cancer Foundation are calling on more charities, not-for-profits and investors to come together to raise critical funds for cancer research, with brain cancer being one of the most underfunded forms of cancer.

Kawaguchi joined Cure Brain Cancer Foundation in 2021, taking the reins of an organization that aims to improve brain cancer survival by advocating for better patient care, funding world-class brain cancer research ($30 million has been committed to date) and improving awareness around a devastating form of cancer that is incredibly difficult to treat. Kawaguchi rang the opening bell of the Nasdaq stock exchange in December 2022 to celebrate the opening of the U.S. headquarters.

“I want my trek to the South Pole to put brain cancer research on the global map and create a force multiplier effect that will echo around the world. This is a fantastic opportunity for an international cancer charity to rally others across the world and lead them to the pinnacle of Earth to raise awareness for people impacted by cancer.”

Lance Kawaguchi: Lance Kawaguchi is an internationally recognised executive leader and board member. He has more than 25 years of global finance and banking experience, including living and working in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. He is the CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (CBCF). He also serves as Chairman of the Glioblastoma Research Organization (GBMRO) and Asian Fund for Cancer Research (AFCR), a Member of the Board of Directors of the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) and Strategic Advisor for the AIM-HI Accelerator Fund (AIM-HI).

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation: Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is an Australian-based organization working globally to rapidly improve brain cancer survival. The Foundation’s mission is to unite the community and rapidly increase brain cancer survival, improving the quality of life for people impacted by the disease. Our vision is to ultimately find a cure for brain cancer. We’ll achieve this by empowering people living with brain cancer and the community to have a strong influential voice while raising awareness and funding for innovative research to accelerate quality treatments for patients. For more information visit:

Written by Shantel

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