Believer Meats CEO Gustavo Burger Meets U.S. Senators Ted Budd and Thom Tillis, Reaffirms Commitment to Investing in North Carolina

Believer Meats Executives Discuss Investment Plans with Senators

Future Meat Technologies Rebrands to Believer Meats

Key Takeaways:

  • Gustavo Burger, CEO of Believer Meats, and Kash Muthuraman, COO of the company, met with U.S. Senators Ted Budd and Thom Tillis to reaffirm Believer Meats’ commitment to investing in North Carolina.
  • The meeting highlighted Believer Meats’ dedication to promoting local employment opportunities, fostering economic growth, and addressing food insecurity through the cultivated meat industry.
  • Believer Meats is constructing its first U.S. commercial production facility in Wilson, North Carolina, which will be the largest cultivated meat production center globally.

Believer Meats’ Commitment to North Carolina

Believer Meats, a leading pioneer in the cultivated meat industry, held a productive meeting with U.S. Senators Ted Budd and Thom Tillis in Washington D.C. The purpose of the meeting was to reinforce Believer Meats’ commitment to investing in North Carolina, creating local jobs, and contributing to the state’s economic growth. With the anticipated commercialization of the cultivated meat industry in 2024, the meeting also focused on exploring the potential of this industry to address food insecurity.

Progress on the U.S. Production Facility

Believer Meats is currently in the process of constructing its first U.S. commercial production facility in Wilson, North Carolina. The facility, set to open in the second quarter of 2024, will span 200,000 square feet, making it the largest cultivated meat production center in the world. It is projected to have a capacity of producing at least 10,000 metric tons of cultivated meat. Senators Budd and Tillis expressed their excitement and support for Believer Meats as the company advances toward commissioning the facility and launching its products in the U.S. market.

CEO Gustavo Burger’s Remarks

Gustavo Burger, CEO of Believer Meats, shared his thoughts on the meeting, saying, “It was an incredibly rewarding experience to introduce Believer Meats to U.S. Senators Ted Budd and Thom Tillis. During our meeting, we had the opportunity to discuss the commitments we are making in their home state of North Carolina, the plan for commercialization, and the partnerships we have been cultivating with local research institutions and universities. We look forward to serving both senators their first taste of Believer soon.”

Senator Tillis’ Support for Believer Meats

Senator Tillis expressed his enthusiasm for Believer Meats’ investment in North Carolina, stating, “Believer Meats’ more than $120 million investment in Wilson County for their first U.S.-based production facility that will employ over 100 North Carolinians represents a major economic win for the state and region. North Carolina remains one of the best states in the country for innovative new businesses, and Believer Meats’ investment reflects that.”

Choosing Wilson County for the Production Facility

Believer Meats considered multiple manufacturing corridors across the United States when selecting the location for its first U.S. production facility. The company ultimately chose Wilson County, North Carolina, due to its abundance of highly skilled STEM professionals, a thriving ecosystem of biotech and food tech companies, and the region’s success in implementing technology-driven solutions. These factors align closely with Believer Meats’ mission of making meat accessible for future generations.

About Believer Meats

Believer Meats, formerly known as Future Meat Technologies, is a pioneering cultivated meat company focused on creating the world’s first scalable cultivated meat production system. Since its establishment in 2018, Believer’s mission has been to ensure a sustainable future where meat remains delicious, nutritious, and accessible. The company aims to build a better world for people, animals, and the planet. For more information about Believer Meats, please visit

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