Andreas Gerazis: Property management should be seamless and easy while providing the best experience for involved stakeholders

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💼 How did you end up as a CEO? What was your route to this position?

In 2020 I was a landlord with more than 10 properties to manage in London. There was no tool that could concretely help me out. I had to use multiple tools, such as Goodlord, Arthur, and Fixflow. It was over complicated and expensive.

So, since covid changes our lives and I had plenty of time, I founded Lofti and remained the CEO since today

💼 Why are you the right person to be the CEO of your company?

I’m both the founder and the CEO of the company. Lofti is a property management software, and I am both an entrepreneur and a property investor

💼 What gets you up in the morning?

Ambition and passion are the key drivers that keep me going. Also, I live with the mission to realise Lofti’s vision: property management should be seamless and easy while providing the best experience for involved stakeholders.

💼 Who helped you get to where you are today?

To be honest, I love to work alone.

💼 What is the best or worst business advice you have received, and from whom?

best business advice: think as your clients (one of the first employees at lofti) – the worst business advice: plan long term (my former boss)

💼 If you could go back in time to when you were a teenager, what life advice would you give yourself?

I’d tell him to study coding and invest every euro he had saved in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies 🙂

💼 What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader?

A leader has to be loyal (to his ideas), hard work (to make your idea come true), and resilient (if you fail, you keep going. There is no other way to success). As a founder, I’m proud to say that I’m always the first one to come to the office and the last one to leave

💼 How can a leader fail?

In my opinion, a leader fails when he/she becomes a boss. A leader has to inspire, not micro-manage. By inspiring and empowering people, a leader will be able to focus on how to shape and disrupt an industry rather than focus on the tasks of his/her employees

💼 What do the next five years hold for you?

few hours of sleep as always and, hopefully, lots of revenues generated by the 2 companies I’ve founded in the last 2 years ( and

💼 Mentorship is a big business in the West. Do you have any experience with it?

I try to be a mentor for all my employees and friends who are looking to invest in property. I’d love to participate in a podcast and make myself available for a mentorship event

💼 If people want to reach out to you or your business, what is the best way for them to go about doing that?

The best way to reach out to us is through at [email protected] or signup for free on our homepage and try our Saas solution for property managers

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